Fort Myers Limousines

Pricing Policies

In a time such as now, we understand how important it is for you to hold onto as much as your hard-earned money as possible. After all, we are living in the same times and likely going through many of the same things. Therefore, we've found many ways to save you money when renting a limousine from us ... price shouldn't be your #1 concern!

Here are a few ways in which we save you on your rental fees:

  • Our drivers are all very knowledgeable and will get you where you need to go in the least amount of time possible. Therefore, all of the things that you wish to do with your alloted time in our vehicles will likely be more possible - within reason - than with most other companies!
  • We utilize "peak" and "non-peak" times of the year. Dependent upon when you wish to rent with us - and if you can do so with relative advance notice - we can likely save you plenty of money!
  • We include your sales tax, a minimum tip to the driver and even unlimited stops and mileage with your quote. You needn't worry about 'hidden fees' when dealing with Fort Myers Limousines.
  • We keep our fleet in as close to brand-new shape as possible. This helps us to keep rates down because we save on fuel costs!

You can contact Fort Myers Limousines at any time! We are always willing and able to help, and are happy to be of assistance.

We also offer many several packages. Give us a call today for a quote! We'll do all that we can - and utilize all of the resources that we can - to give you the lowest price possible!